A new way to host friends & family!

Affordable and familiar accommodations
without nightly fees.

How it works

Invite your friends

You can invite and connect to your Facebook friends to create a safe and trusted network to share homes!

Travel & reserve a friend's home to stay

Do you share your home with only your closest friends? Or their friends as well? It's up to you! You have full control over who's going to see your listing!

Share your home with friends when you are out of town

Share your home with your friends when you are out of town! It can be a room or a full apartment, it's up to you. Then, your friends will be able to reserve it!

Guest-Rm is...

  • Affordable

    Avoid racking up travel expenses by paying nightly rates, plus hosting fees, service fees, and cleaning fees (and who knows what other fees!). With Guest-Rm all you pay is one, small flat-rate reservation fee, plus a recommended 'Thank you' gift for your host.

  • Convenient

    Guest-Rm provides the platform to connect visitors with available home. Hosts list their availability on a calendar so they're basically saying "Hey friends, my house is available. Please use it while I'm gone."

  • Worry-free

    Guests and hosts will always be in the same Guest-Rm circle. That means you will always have at least one friend in common and Guest-Rm will identify that common friend for you. That way you can follow up with your friend to learn more about your guest/host.

Guest-Rm gives me, my friends, and my family an affordable way to see each other. Friends in my network list their homes when they're away so they're basically saying "Hey, my home is available. Please use it while I'm gone". It's familiar, sociable, and it only costs $20!

Nora M., NYC

Fixed cost, no overnight fees

  • Only pay when you reserve

  • Fixed cost, no matter how long you stay

$20 / reservation

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