Frequently Asked Questions

As a guest...

  • Why would I use Guest-Rm instead of other home sharing sites?

    Guest-Rm accommodations are typically far less expensive than hotels or other home sharing sites. Furthermore hosts and guests will either know each other personally or at least be connected through a common friend. This offers guests and hosts a common sense of safety and security.

    Here is a table that may help explain the added value of Guest-Rm.

    Lodging option Expense Host/Guest Familiarity
    Hotel $$$$ N/A
    Hostel $$ Strangers
    Airbnb $$$ Strangers
    VRBO $$$ Strangers
    Couchsurfing $ Strangers
    Guest-Rm $ Friend or friend-of-friend
  • How do I expand my Guest-Rm network?

    Guest-Rm members can expand their network by inviting more of their friends into their Guest-Rm circles, either through Facebook or by emailing invitations to friends via Guest-Rm invites.

  • What should I expect to spend in total for a Guest-Rm stay?

    The total cost of your Guest-Rm reservation will be $20 regardless of how long you stay. Guest-Rm also recommends you give your host a 'Thank you!' gift to express appreciation for their generosity.

  • Are ‘Thank you gifts’ required?

    No, guests aren’t required to purchase ‘Thank you gifts’; although Guest-Rm encourages a token of appreciation for a host’s generosity.

  • How much should I spend on a ‘Thank you gift’?

    The amount you spend on a 'Thank you!' gift is up to your discretion, but please bear-in-mind the generosity of your host.

  • May I request a reservation with someone I don’t know?

    Sure you can, provided you’re connected to them through a common friend; Guest-Rm reservations must be requested through friends or friends-of-friends.

  • Is it more expensive to stay for multiple nights?

    The cost of your Guest-Rm reservation will be $20 regardless of how long you stay.

  • Who uses Guest-Rm?

    Guest-Rm is a community of like-minded members willing to share their spaces. Guest-Rm members are eager to travel and visit family, friends, and new places.

As a host...

  • What should I do if I don’t know the person requesting a reservation?

    Reservation requests from friends-of-friends will always include the name of the common connection. Guest-Rm encourages hosts to follow up with the common connection to verify the guests’ identity and get an additional sense of security from a friend.

  • Do hosts receive anything for the use of their homes?

    Guest-Rm recommends that guests purchase a ‘Thank you gift’ in the form of gift card(s) for hosts. Guests aren’t required to buy a gift for their host, but they often do.

  • Why doesn’t Guest-Rm permit hosts to charge a nightly fee for the use of their home/room?

    Guest-Rm communities provide safe, secure and inexpensive accommodations for travelers. There are no nightly fees because guests will always be friends or friends-of-friends and the community is meant for sharing.

  • Will I receive payment from guests who stay in my home?

    Hosts will not receive monetary payment from guests, but they will receive social capital and that's what makes your Guest-Rm network so great!

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