How it works

  1. Invite your friends

    You can invite and connect to your Facebook friends to create a safe and trusted network to share homes!

  2. Decide who can see your listing

    Do you share your home with only your closest friends? Or their friends as well? It's up to you! You have full control over who's going to see your listing!

  3. Make your home available

    Share your home with your friends when you are out of town! It can be a room or a full apartment, it's up to you. Then, your friends will be able to reserve it!

  4. Reserve a friend's place

    Browse, plan your travel and reserve a friend's place to stay. You only have to pay the reservation fee ($20), no overnight or hidden costs.

  5. Travel on a budget and leverage the power of community

    We connect you with your hosts, or if you are a host, to your guests. Guest-Rm helps you to easily manage the communication.

Are you ready to begin?

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